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iRALL School 2019 Ends Successfully


On Nov. 1, 2019, iRALL school 2019 completed the last day’s courses and seminars.


In the first class, Prof. C. Massey gave a report entitled "earthquake induced landside" to the students, which introduced examples and mechanism of earthquake induced landslide hazards.


Prof. C.Massey in Class


In the second class, Prof. V. Del Gaudio shared with the students the software processing microseismic data, and explained the processing steps and results of microseismic geophysical data in detail.


Prof. V.Del Gaudio introducing field geophysical data processing 


It is the time for students to give reports and exchange in the afternoon. It is a much treasured opportunity as students can share their research directions, research results and research progress with all the professors and students from different countries. In the meeting, 10 students presented their research progress through PowerPoint. Professors paid careful attention to their reports and put up questions which gave good views and suggestions for students' further research.


A Student is Presenting the Analysis of Stability of Surrounding Rock in Tunnel


A Student is Presenting the Invesigation of Basin Hazards in Pakistan


A Student is Presenting the Early Warning Investigation of Glacier Debris Flow in Tibet 


When reports finished, 6 student representatives came to the stage to share their experience of iRALL School courses. Students agreed that the courses were very fulfilling and wonderful, leaving many beautiful memories. Although the course of this year is over, members of the big family will still keep in touch in the future. At last, professors, on behalf of iRALL school, issued certificates to students.


Issuing Certificate to Student


Student Representative Sharing her Experience in iRALL School


In the evening, it is a party organized by the students. The party started with songs and dances prepared by themselves, and the Education Center joined the party with Qiang dances and songs.


A Chorus

Professors enjoyed the party with solos and choruses. With proformances, the party became more and more exciting. The students' collective dance pushed the party to a climax. In addition to the prepared proformances, the students also prepared special awards for each teacher; and also messages. Students wrote their own messages, and finally those messages were collected and kept as a souvenir for each student.


Issuing Award to Professor from Students


Dancing Together