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Field Investigation Route 1 & Route 2 for iRALL School 2019 International Doctorate Program

On Oct 25, 2019, two groups are divided from iRALL School 2019 International Doctorate Program to separately conduct field investigation on Route 1(Yangjiagou Hazard Chain) & Route 2(Tangjiawan Landslide) which were pre-designed.

In the field, Professor Hu Wei, Professor M.McSaveney and Professor J.Wasowski firstly introduced the massive landslide generated by Wenchuan Earthquake, the barrier dam body in Yangjiagou gully formed by debris deposit due to the massive landside and the debris flow hazard which were generated in the later period of the gully; then three professors led the trainees to investigate on the rock mass structure and lithology of the slope, fault and exposed bed rock fissure water, the content of landslide dam material and breach form of barrier lake. They viewed the Yangjiagou debris flow treatment project and field debris flow experiment base of SKLGP at distance. Finally, students were encouraged to discuss the geohazards and its prevention and control from the angle hazard chain.



Professor Hu Wei, Professor M.McSaveney and Professor J.Wasowski discuss in the field


Barrier lake breach investigation


Route 1 field investigation group photo

Route 2: Mr. Tang Chenxiao firstly introduced the remote-sensing image of landslide indoors then took trainees to do the field investigation. Through verification in the field, trainees would better understand remote sensing interpretation mark and geological hazard remote sensing interpretation method.

Showtime in the field investigation


Route 2 field investigation group photo