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The First Station for Field Trip of iRALL School 2019 International Doctoral Course

    On October 22, 2019, iRALL School 2019 International Ph.D. program, sponsored by the State Key Laboratory of Geohazard Prevention and Geoenvironment Protection of Chengdu University of Technology, was launched at Kualiangzi landslide in Zhongjiang County (Deyang City), where a field research was conducted. More than 40 Doctors and professors at home and abroad, led by Professor Xu Qiang, Vice President of Chengdu University of Technology, explored the mystery of the translational redbed landslide together.

Firstly, Professor Xu Qiang introduced the deformation history and basic characteristics of Kualiangzi landslide to relevant teachers and doctoral students in the wild. Active interaction and discussion on the formation mechanism of the landslide were made. Later on, the doctoral students went to the landslide body and its trailing edge to conduct an on-the-spot investigation, exploring the deformation and failure characteristics of the landslide body and the field evidence of sliding causes. Mr. Guo Jian explained the problems of monitoring and data transmission of landslide groundwater and discussed the distribution characteristics of groundwater in the landslide with students.

The translational gliding landslides are mostly born in the rock mass of the near horizontal sand and mudstone interbed. The inclination angle of the rock layer is generally slow, and the slip surface is close to horizontal level, which is often horizontally pushed out under the hydrostatic pressure from the fractures of rock mass and uplift pressure along the glide plane during heavy rain. The formation mechanism of such landslide has been the focus of scholars at home and abroad due to its special formation conditions and it has also been controversial. The field trip of the Kualiangzi landslide enriched and improved the understanding of scholars at home and abroad about the deformation characteristics and the formation mechanism of such special landslide.  



Professor Xu Qiang discussing with domestic and foreign scholars on the spot



Mr. Guo Jian(teacher) explaining the groundwater distribution of the Kualiangzi landslide