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The Class of iRALL School 2019 is Launching

From 20 to 21 October 2019, sponsored by SKLGP, the class of the international doctoral program, iRALL School 2019, was officially started in classroom 211 of the lab.   

Prof. Huang Runqiu, deputy minister of Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China, delivered a lecture with the theme of “The landslide story from the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake”, analyzed the geological disasters triggered by Wenchuan earthquake in details from the angles of distributed rule of the disasters, the main factors triggering gigantic landslides, mechanism of slope instability, formation and instability of coseismic landslide dams. Then, he concluded the evolution law both on short-term and long-term geological disasters after the earthquake. Harking back to the time on May 12, 2008, when the quake leveled entire towns, leaving nothing but rubble. Keeping the history of earthquake in mind, it is of great significance for the iRALL to promote geological disaster prevention and mitigation through untiring struggle in researches.



Prof. Huang Runqiu is discussing the disaster effect of Wenchuan earthquake


Professors and students are immersing in the fantastic class


Based on the topic of “Introduction to large landslides”, Prof. Mauri McSaveney detailed the definition of big landslide, and analyzed the different formation mechanism of the disasters via a lot cases including the Donghekou Landslide and the Daguanbao landslide and so on.

Prof. Alexander Strom gave a class with the theme of “Rockslides and rock avalanches in Central Asia: study of past events for better assessment of the future hazards”, which starts from analyzing the differences between rock landslide and rock collapse by taking former related cases as examples. With the analysis of these disasters, he proposed the way to calculate the predicted the volume and impacted area by using slope height, so as to provide a reference for risk assessment in the future. 

After class, leaded by Prof. Hu Wei, the students of iRALL paid a visit on laboratories of SKLGP, including Simulation Laboratory on Landslide, Simulation Laboratory on Debris Flow, Centrifuge Laboratory and so on.  


Prof. Hu Wei and students in Centrifuge Laboratory