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The iRALL School 2019 is officially opened

20th October witnessed the opening ceremony of iRALL School 2019 in the classroom 211 of the SKLGP, which is the fourth iRALL School independently hosted by SKLGP. Participants include 32 graduate students and young PhD graduates from the regions of Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the countries of Czech Republic, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, Chile, India, Japan. In particular, it is the first time for the students from South America to enter for iRALL School actively.

In the opening ceremony, Prof. Liu Shugen, vice-president of CDUT, deliveries a welcome speech first to students and teachers from all over the world and gives a introduction to Chengdu University of Technology (CDUT) in details. And he hopes that further communication and cooperation among Asian researchers and other region’s researchers will be fueled by the iRALL School. Then, Prof. Theo van Asch, recipient of 2018 Tianfu Friendship Award, deliveries a speech, which briefly analyzes the current researches on landslide hazards worldwide and applauds the achievements of iRALL School. Then, on behalf of SKLGP, Prof. Li Tianbin, chair of College of Environment & Civil Engineering, CDUT, extends a warm welcome to all participants and wishes the school full success in doing so. Finally, Prof. Hu Wei shares more information about iRALL and SKLGP with the participants.

Following the opening ceremony, Prof. Huang Runqiu, vice-minister of Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China, Prof. Mauri McSaveney and Prof. Alexander Strom start their first day of classes with the topics on “The landslide story from the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake”; “Introduction to large landslides”; “Rockslides and rock avalanches in Central Asia: study of past events for better assessment of the future hazards” and so on. Active classroom discussion between professors and students create an excellent atmosphere for learning. Teachers and students in the class impressed by the three professors’ expertise and by their lucid explanation.

Many renowned professors, engaged in the field of landslide prevention, from Russia, the United States, Italy, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and China will give a set of lectures in the next two weeks. More than 20 professional theories, case studies, and field practices will be absorbed into the following courses, covering advanced ideas and technologies in the fields of large-scale landslide mechanism, engineering geological survey, geophysical exploration, and landslide hazard assessment. These courses highlight student’s ability of analyzing and solving the problems on large landslides.

Prof. Huang Runqiu is delivering a lecture

Prof. Liu Shugen gives a speech on the ceremony

The teaching scene

Group Photo of iRALL 2019