SKLGP Released Its Latest Promotional Video

        Every geologist would be delighted when they walked into Beichuan. Surrounded by white mist, the mountain becomes the fairyland on earth, and the unique geographical condition makes it an irreplaceable “Natural Landslide Museum”.

        Every geologist would speak in praise of "iRALL School" when they arrive at here. Indoor lectures and field visits transfer professional knowledge in interactions, while famous international professors and Ph. D candidates get impacted on their thinking through exchanges.

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        Coming from more than 30 countries around the world, they get to know each other through the link of “iRALL School”.

        Studying on the same academic field, they have communications through the bridge of “iRALL School”.

        Started from “iRALL School”, the “retrograde” geologists of the geohazards prevention and control went deep into the less-traveled mountains, just for exploring a landslide change in person.

        Started from the Chengdu University of Technology, one of the “Double First Class” Universities, “iRALL School” took advantages of its cutting-edge resources and sincerity to create an international brand, boosting global geological research, and responding to global geohazards prevention.

Remember the previous hardship, one can forge ahead

More and more talents joining

will eventually make a new breakthrough in geological research

And the increasingly internationalized "iRALL School"

will also make the sound of the SKLGP and CDUT

travels further around the world

We want you here!

The Registration is about to start. Stay tuned!