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iRALL School 2018,the international doctor training course, came to a successful conclusion

Recently, the post-doctoral students of iRALL School 2018 have successfully completed the latter part of the course in Beichuan practice base.

There are three topics during this outdoor training course introduced by Prof. Hu Wei, including Initiation and movement of large landslides and Field study to assess the risk from large rock avalanchesField data collection, landslide mapping and analysis of the cascading effect of large landslidesGeophysical data collection and monitoring for large landslides.

Prof. Filippo Catani from University of Florence, Italy stated landslide monitoring and early warning system from basin scale.

Prof. Niek Rengers from ITC, Holland come early to classroom for class preparation. The contents of his class are aimed at: the writing of papers and reports; the publishing of scientific papers. And he and Prof. Theo represent the key points of the report and the paper review from perspectives of requirements, contents, topics and essential factors of publication.

Prof. Huang Yu of Tongji University introduced the application of smoothing particle hydrodynamics (SPH) in the establishment of landslide model, and presented the physical mechanism, practical method, advantages and range of application of SPH in detail.

Prof. Vaughan Griffiths of the Colorado School of Mines gave an in-depth introduction to the stability of slopes and landslide analytical methods from the perspective of soil mechanics.

Prof. Vincenzo Del Gaudio, a geophysicist at the Department of Earth and Earth Environment Sciences at the University of Bari, Italy, analyzed the effects of site response effect on slope stability under earthquake actions.

Prof. Fan Xuanmei from our university introduced the study on resilience of earthquake-induced landslide risk in China, and listed the case of long-term effect of the earthquake, for example, Xinmo village landslide on June 24, 2017. This explains initiation and movement of large landslides, the observation and modeling of threshold valves of rainfall, and risk prediction and mitigation system.

Prof. J. Wasowski of the Institute of Hydrogeology and Prevention presented satellite interferometry for landslide detection and monitoring.

Prof. R. Greco of the University of Campania, Italy, expounded the hydrological characteristics of shallow landslides.

Field practice 1

Field practice 2

Field practice 3

Field practice 4

Field practice 5

October 26, 2018 witnessed the closing ceremony of iRall School 2018 at the publicity and education center in Beichuan County. The participants gave a summary speech on their study and field practice, sharing their learning experiences in the ceremony. And finally, professors gave each student a course-completion certificate. Their faces filled with a happy smile. In the evening party, the students and teachers from different countries with different cultures enjoyed various performances and interacted with each other. The room are filled with singing and laughing.