International postdoctoral training of our university realizes its great-leap-forward development

In recently, we learn from school post-doctor regulatory commission that there are 4 foreign post-doctors entered the post-doctoral station of geological resources and geological engineering in our school, and there are other two foreign post-doctors will work in station. The growth of the foreign post-doctors is the mark of new period of international postdoctoral training development of our university.

It is learned that the 4 foreign post-doctors are Dr. Yunusali Pulpadan, majored in environmental science & engineering at Tokyo University, Dr. Srikrishnan Siva Subramania, majored in geological resources and geological engineering at Hokkaido University, Dr. Andres Felipe Alonso Rodriguez, majored in rock mechanics at Istituto Universitario di Studi Superiori of Pavia (IUSS), and Dr. Sandip Manal majored in Chemistry at Indian Institute of Science. And the other two foreign post-doctors who will attend the station are Dr. Kuchukulla Ratnakar Reddy, majored in organic and pharmaceutical chemistry at Indian Institute of Chemical Technology and Dr. Pradeep Kumar Gautam, majored in rock mechanics at Indian institute of technology.

Our university first recruited two foreign post-doctors as early as 2017. One is Dr. Gianvito Scaringi from Italy, and he participated in several researches for sudden major geological disasters, including “6 · 24 Landslide in xinmo village, Maoxian county in 2017, “8 · 8 Earthquake-induced landslides in Jiuzhaigou Valley” in 2017 and “8 · 28 Landslide in Nayong County”. And he left the station with abundant academic achievements, such as 17 SCI papers and 7 conference papers in foreign academic journals. And another is Dr. Guillem Domenech Surinach from Spain who are about to finish his work in the station.

The construction of post-doctor ranks, as an important content of construction of our “Double First-Class initiative”, is also an important symbol of our discipline construction. Our post-doctoral research station for geological resources and geological engineering was established in 1991, covering a total of 11 second-level doctoral programs. In recent years, with the further improvement of academic level and team building, the station has been awarded an “excellent” in the 2015 National Postdoctoral Comprehensive Evaluation and has become an important training field for advanced scientific research talents.