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iRALL School 2018 officially kicked off

       14th October witnessed the opening ceremony of iRALL School 2018 International doctoral training course, the third of which hosted by the CDUT. 35 graduate students and many young PhD graduates from different countries, including Belgium, the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Colombia, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Japan and China attended the ceremony in the classroom 211 of the lab.

       Prof. GuoZhaohui, vice-president of CDUT, delivered a welcome speech firstto students and teachers from all over the world and gave a briefly introduction to our lab. And he hoped that further communication and cooperation among Asian researchers and other region’s researchers will be fueled by the iRALL School. Then, NiekRengers, former chairman of IAEG, briefly analyzing the current research on landslide hazards worldwide and sang high praise for the iRALL School.

       Next, convivial atmosphere was around on the ceremony as the students introduced themselves and exchange ideas with each other, which laid a good foundation for the cooperation and interaction in the next two weeks course.

       Following the opening ceremony, Prof. Fan Xuanmei, Prof. Hu Wei and Prof. M•McSaveney began their first day of classes, included “Introduction to large landslides”, “Physical modelling: Flumes, ring shear test, high speed friction test”and so on. Active classroom discussion between professors and students create an excellent atmosphere for learning. Teachers and students in the class impressed by the three professors’ expertise and by his lucid explanation.

       Many renowned professors in the field of landslide prevention from United States, Italy, New Zealand, Netherlands, Japan, China and Belgium will attend classes in the next two weeks. More than 20 professional theories, case studies, and field practices are absorbed into the course, which means the advanced ideas and technologies including large-scale landslide mechanism, engineering geological survey, geophysical exploration, and landslide hazard assessment can play an important role in enhancing the ability of students in this course.